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Junior Resource Centre: Year 6

Identifying Author's Point of View

Meet The ANZACS by Claire Saxby Illustrated By Max Berry



What techniques do authors use to help us imagine World War 1?

How does the author and illustrator use text, information and choice of images to show their point of view and create meaning?



Meet the Anzacs

What does "author's viewpoint" mean?

What is a genre?

Evaluating Websites

Evaluating Websites

Evaluating Websites CLASS TASKS


1. Use the Evaluation Sheet provided to evaluate this website:

2. Create a mindmap using M8  to show all the criteria you need to consider in assessing whether the website is reputable and has accurate information. To construct your mindmap; use the information from: 

a.  Evaluation Sheet

b.  the Evaluating Websites clips above

When you have created your mindmap, using the Snipping Tool to copy and insert into a Word Document and print it out and paste into your workbook. 


P.S  Mindmapping is a form of notetaking. Many people like to take notes in this graphic way as it offers a number of benefits. In this case, you'll find that it will help you to  clarify and  understand this topic.

M8 - the Window's Mind Mapping app: SNEAK PEAK

Create a Bibliography of ANZAC resources

Create a Bibiography of ANZAC resources

You must use the Online Reference Generator to create your list. Save you document in a file as you'll need to print it out when it's complete.

Your Bibliography should include:

1. a picture book citation 

2. an image 

3. World Book encyclopedia article on ANZACs. 

4. A GOVERNMENT website on the ANZACS. HINT: In your browser search:  .gov  

Your list should be organised in alphabetical order by author, or if no author by title.