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SPX Library: About Us

Senior Library's Home Page


The Senior Library serves the creative and intellectual needs of our learning community.  Our spaces are vibrant, pleasant and organised. Our virtual library equip students with quality information resources to support their school studies at home. A large collection of ebooks and audiobooks offer plenty of choice for recreational reading 24/7 including school holidays.

Our teacher librarians are readers who encourage reading as a lifetime pursuit. We guide students to develop the information and digital literacies needed for researching school assignments and beyond.

The library is open 7.30 am - 4.30 pm.




How long can I borrow? 
You can borrow books for 2 weeks and longer if you renew or extend your loan. Login to the library catalogue using your usual computer logins. You can renew your loan in person at our friendly help desk.

How can I get a book that's out?  
If a book is on loan and you'd like to read it next: you can reserve it. Make your request to the library staff or reserve online by logging into the library catalogue using your usual computer logins.


I've lost a book, what do I do?
When you borrow a book, it's your responsibility to look after it. Returning it in a reasonable time not only minimizes the risk of misplacing a book but shares the resource with other members of our community.  You'll receive email reminders to help.  

  • If a book becomes long overdue, we'll stop your borrowing just to help you return the book.
  • If you've lost a book, don't worry! Let the library staff know and we'll try and help you. If it can't be found within a reasonable time, the cost of replacing the lost book will appear on your next school fees.