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Junior Resource Centre: About


W E L C o M e

The Junior Resource Centre is a vibrant,  pleasant and organised space. It's a great place to read, research or relax.
We have many online resources to help with your school studies  you can access from home. We also have audio ebooks and ebooks for leisure and pleasure.

Your teacher librarians love to read and can help you find a book to suit to your tastes. We can also help you to find an information book for a research task.

The library is open 8 am  -  3 pm. 

Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday and Friday.

Library Rules: from the High Seas, Pirate style

Borrowing books

You can borrow books for 2 weeks and longer if you renew or extend your loan. Login to the library catalogue,OR, ask just ask t renew your loan in person.

If a book is on loan and you'd like to read it next: you can reserve it. Just ask.

Overdue or lost books 
When you borrow a book, it's your responsibility to look after it. Returning it in a reasonable time not only minimizes the risk of misplacing a book but shares the resource with other members of our community.  You'll receive email reminders to help in this process.  

If a book becomes well overdue, we'll stop your borrowing to help you return the book.

If you've lost a book, don't worry! This can happen, let the library staff know and we can help. Generally, the cost of replacing the lost book will be charged to your school fees. 

Library Rules: a tale of action, adventure, and overdue books, parodying "The Lord of the Rings."