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Junior Resource Centre: What's a BIbliography

Bibliographies - about

What’s a Bibliography? 

A bibliography is a list of all sources ( also called ‘references’) you used to create a report. 

Why is it important?

  • A correctly formatted Bibilography allows your reader to see the sources you have used to create your report and provides all the details needed to find them. 
  • The bibliographic details you record for each source quickly tell the reader about the sources you have used. It is an indication of the research you have conducted and the quality of the information used.
  • It shows that that you are aware of your responsibilities in using borrowed information and your awareness of plagiarism.

Why should I follow a format ?
You should list your sources according to the preferred College format given in the School Diary or created using the Online Reference Generator.  Following the format consistently improves the readability of your work.  You reader can easily read what information sources you have used.
How should I list my sources? 
List your sources alphabetically by author or if no author by the title of the website. 

Why should I use the Online Reference Generator? (ORG)
It tells you what bits of information you need to record and then puts all the punctuation ( fullstops, commas )  in that you need.

What does a Bibliography look like?

Below is an example of Bibliography for an research report on child workers. 

A’Adama, F 2001, Iqbal, Aladdin Paperpbacks, New York. 
​Burmingham, J 2008, We are all born free, Frances Lincoln Children’s Books, London.
United Nations 2016, Child Labour, United Nations, accessed 16 March 2016,
Universal Declaration of Human Rights’ 2016, in World Book Student, accessed 16 March 2016, <>.

FILL YOUR NAPPY - helps you to remember the details you need for your Bibliography