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SPX Library: About Us

Senior Library's Home Page


The Senior Library serves the creative and intellectual needs of our learning community.  Our spaces are vibrant, pleasant and organised. Our virtual library equips students with quality information resources to support their school studies when they need it.  There is plenty of choice for recreational reading with eBooks and audiobooks available 24/7.

Our teacher librarians are readers who encourage reading as a lifetime pursuit. We guide students to develop the information and digital literacies needed for researching school assignments and beyond.

The Senior Library is open 7.30 am - 4.30 pm.

Library Lovers Day 2018


Just Ask

  • Are your looking for a great book?
  • Can't find information for your class assignment ?
  • Need a seminar room for a group task?
  • Need a Green screen for your multimedia production?
  • Can't upload your Turnitin assignment? 
  • Not sure how to do a Bibliography? 
  • Can't find a book?  
  • Having problems printing in colour?
  • Need to help photocopy?

Just ask ! Your library staff are here to help you. 
OR email Mrs Keighery,


How many books can I borrow? 
You can borrow as many books as you like.  

How long can I borrow? 
You can borrow books for 2 weeks and longer if you renew or extend your loan. You can login to the library catalogue using your usual computer logins and renew your loans. You can also renew your loan in person at our friendly help desk.You don't need to bring the book to do this. 

How can I get a book that's out?  
If a book is on loan and you'd like to read it next: you can reserve it. Make your request to the library staff or reserve online by logging into the library catalogue using your usual computer logins.

I've lost a book, what do I do?
When you borrow a book, it's your responsibility to look after it. Returning it in a reasonable time not only minimizes the risk of misplacing a book but shares the book with members of our school.  You'll receive friendly email reminders to help you.  

  • If you've lost a book, don't worry! Let the library staff know and we'll try and help you.
  • If it can't be found within a reasonable time, the cost of replacing the lost book will be added to your school fees. 

Teacher Librarians

Ms Keighery leads the team and with a background in specialist and university libraries, she knows where students are going and the skills they'll need. 

Ms Millar's special subject is IT, she can apply her technical mind to any digital problem to find solutions.

Ms Martin's background is in English, she is a passionate reader: her enthusiasm for 'the story' and  love of literature is infectious... watch out!!

Support Crew

Ms Mak, front of house, is keen to help every student so that they can effectively use the library and connect to fabulous fiction and other goodies. 

Ms Dmitrewicz aka Mrs Clickview is the brains behind our extensive Clickview Library.