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9 Science: Body Coordination

Year 9 Science: Body Coordination

This guide supports your assessment tasks' Outcomes to develop skills in applying the processes of Working Scientifically

  • 7WS A student processes, analyses and evaluates data from first-hand investigations and secondary sources

Additionally, the page provides supports to achieve in the Highest Mark criteria for: 

  • Information gathered from a wide variety of sources and includes bibliography in correct format.

Please ask or email Mrs Keighery for individual assistance. 

Online Britannica Encyclopedia: use this for definitions and reference

For definitions use Britannica encyclopedia

A wide variety of source NOT just WEBSITES

Magazines or academic journals are authoritative sources of information and demonstrate use of "a wide variety of sources". 

Use Science in Context to find magazines, reference articles, images and academic journal articles. 


**When you're at home, you'll need to access this via the Senior Library Portal page under eResources and Journal Databases.

Authoritative websites with Authors and Dates

Use your keywords to search within these websites for information on an internet site which includes an author and a date.

Resources at Willoughby Library

catalogue   |   online databases
  • Use the catalogue to find books. 
  • Recommended databases: Science Reference Center, Academic Search Premier (multi-disciplinary) Australian & NZ Reference Centre ( local news and content, multi-disciplinary), Credo (reference books).