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About Short Stories

The main themes are... thankyou click on the pic to read about these themes

Short Stories. No problem: get writing! check out these helpful and inspiring websites

Short Story links:


Writing Stimuli: 

500 Writing prompts from  the New York Times

Storytoolz   includes a Random Conflict & Story Generator 

6 Writing Templates  
Includes Plot outline, structure and character development.

100 Ways to "Bad".

100 Ways to say "Said"

250 Ways to say "Went"

Common writing mistakes   Deals with choppy prose & gives advice on how to avoid it.
First Person vs Third Person  Some description to help you try and work out whether to use first or third person.
How to write better: 7 tips  Some really GOOD tips on how to improve your work. Once you’ve written the first draft of your novel or short story, it’s time to go back and look for cluttered sentences and paragraphs.
Jerz's Literary Web Blog  Short Story Tips: 10 Ways to Improve your Creative Writing.
Seven steps to the Perfect story Great infographic that breaks down storytelling.
The Writers Digest  So many resources to help writers.
Maptia  share your stories and see others

Show don't tell

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