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07 Working Scientifically

Working Scientifically

This guide will help you with your first Science assignment with the Outcomes:

WS7.1 Students process data and information by:

  1. accessing information from a range of sources, including using digital technologies [ICT] [L]

WS9 Students communicate by 

  1. using a recognised method to acknowledge sources of data and information [L]


Your Task


Your task is to create a MEDIA REVIEW for 3 different Science related articles, using the scaffold provided.

What to do

  • Select one article from each category (A, B, C) to review. You should choose only articles that you can understand and that interest you.

  • Complete the Media Review scaffold for each of your chosen 3 articles.

  • Construct a Bibliography


Article Selection

Category A- Choose ONE article from the options below.


Category B- Choose ONE article from the options below.



Category C - Choose ONE Science related article from the website located at:

** Article 3 from Category C, must be recent and published in the last year. (Not before February 2023)


Albert Einstein photo 1920

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