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12 Cities of Vesuvius: Pompeii and Herculaneum


This guide is designed to help you find information to support your studies in this HSC Ancient History topic.  You might need help to find information. JUST ASK, we are here to help you. You can email Mrs Keighery.


Recommended Websites

Analyses & interprets different types of sources: Magazines and Academic Journals

 Journal literature is a key source of authoritative information. 


Search in:

Need help? See the "How to Search JSTOR" guide.



When your at home, you'll need to access these resources by logging into your Portal page and use the Senior Library tab. 

Resources at Willoughby Library

catalogue   |   online databases
  • Use the catalogue to find books. 
  • Recommended databases: Academic Search Premier (multi-disciplinary) Australian & NZ Reference Centre ( local news and content, multi-disciplinary), Credo (reference books).
  • Use eResources link to access State Library of NSW databases: Cambridge Histories, Cambridge Campanion, Gale Primary Sources and Proquest Research Library

Correctly formatted Bibliography in the College style

Make sure your group meets the top making band by presenting your sources in a Bibliography in the College preferred style (APA) .

Click here for more information on creating your Bibliography.

What is Citemaker ?

St Pius X College | APA CiteMaker is a smart citation machine and bibliography maker for formatting referenced in APA format. This online citation machine includes an in-text citation generator.

To make the most of this tool, login and create your account to save information into an online Bibliography. You can download the Citemaker Chrome extension on your Chrome browser to capture websites to your Bibliography.