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Printing: Printing


Contact the College's Teacher Librarian, Mrs Keighery.

Printing, Photocopying & Scanning

You can print documents to the Secure Input printer located in the Senior Library. You’ll need to swipe your student card on the photocopier to release your print job.

Default printing is:
Black and White (B/W)
Double Sided (Duplex)
A4 size

You can change the default for Single Sided (Simplex), Colour Printing or A3 size using Printer Properties. The cost of printing and photocopying is shown on the table below.



B&W Price

Colour Price


Single Sided



Double Sided




Single Sided



Double Sided



Scanning is free; swipe your student card and elect to send your scan to your school email.

You have a printing budget of $30 each Semester. If you require more funds, please ask the Senior Library staff. The additional charges will be added to your next school fees.

How to print