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Research Skills: What's a Bibliography


What’s a Bibliography? 
A bibliography is a list of all sources ( also called 'citations') you used to create a report. 

Why is it important?

  • A correctly formatted Bibliography allows the reader to see the sources you have used to create your report and provides all the details needed to find them. 
  • It shows that that you are aware of your responsibilities in using borrowed information and your awareness of plagiarism.

Why should I follow a format ?
You should list your sources according to the College's preferred style APA 6th edition. Following the format consistently:

  • makes your work easy to read
  • demonstrates that you are a good student who understand the importance of correctly acknowledging your sources

How should I list my sources? 
List your sources alphabetically by author OR if no author found by the title of the website. 

Why should I use Citemaker?
It tells you what bits of information you need to record for each source type and punctuates it (full stops, commas, etc).

What does a Bibliography look like?

Below is an example of bibliography for a research report on child labour. 



D'Adamo, F. (2005). Iqbal. New York: Aladdin.

Carpet Weaving, Rajastan, India. (2013). [Photograph]. Retrieved from 2a294a_b.jpg

United Nations. (2017). Protect human rights. Retrieved from


Universal Declaration of Human Rights. (2017). In World Book Student. Retrieved from ar266540&st=universal+declaration+of#tab=homepage


FILL YOUR NAPPY - helps you to remember the details you need for your Bibliography

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Hoe to use CiteMaker

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