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Literacy Year 6: Shakespeare in the Classroom


Welcome to a selection of resources on William Shakespeare. Enjoy !

The Globe

Click on the image below to help you answer questions on the Globe!

Introduction To Shakespeare

Spotlight on Shakespeare - NSW State Library Virtual Excursion.


Items Viewed during the virtual excursion.


Shakespeare Room Illustration  

Calendar Artworks   


Shakespeare's First Folio 

The Globe Theatre 

Stories on our website about Shakespeare:  

Shakespeare at the Library 


Class Activity:

A Challenge: Recreate a scene from you favourite Shakespearean - You might like to take a photo, draw a picture or design your own Stained - glass window.





William Shakespeare

Dates: 1564-1616

Nationality: British/English

Literary Periods: 

 Elizabethan Period, 1558-1603

Jacobean and Caroline Period, 1603-1660

Renaissance Period, 1500-1660

Tudor Period, 1500-1603

The Plays of William Shakespeare in Chronological Order

Romeo and Juliet


William Shakespeare Webquest



Click on the image of William Shakespeare to begin the Webquest

Web Resources