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11 Religions of Ancient Origin

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The Popol Vuh narrates the Maya creation story, the tales of the Hero Twins, and the account of the creation of the sky, the Earth, and all life.

Short documentary on the Ancient Mayan Religion and their civilisation, which was heavily based on blood sacrifices.


Mayan Mystery: Cities of the Underworld meets Digging for the Truth, as our host Brit Eaton immerses himself in foreign lands in search of lost worlds and great mysteries, all while revealing an ancient marvel. For the first time ever viewers will experience what it's really like to stand before the Pyramid of Cheops or to walk through the haunted landscape of Pompeii. Specially trained cinematographers have created a kinetic and dimensional event from locations that have never been filmed in 3D before.

This documentary addresses new findings about the Maya civilisation and follows a team of archaeologists as they uncover evidence in Mexico’s Yucatan Peninsula. Buried beneath an ancient pyramid deep in the jungle, the team discovers an even more ancient royal palace complex.