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Competitions: HSIE

Credit to Shayne Denford at LibGuides, Saint Patrick's College, Campbelltown

2022 Premier’s Anzac Memorial Scholarship Tour (PAMS)

The scholarship gives up to 20 students the opportunity to travel on a prestigious two-week study tour to develop their knowledge and understanding of the history of Australians at war. Accompanied by a military historian, the tour brings together likeminded students from across NSW and will include visits to significant historical sites to learn about and commemorate the service of Australian men and women.

The Brief: To apply, students simply need to submit:

  • a 1000-word statement about why they would make an excellent Premier’s Anzac Memorial Scholar;
  • a marked copy of a history assignment;
  • a letter of recommendation from their school principal and history teacher (you can download the template here); and
  • a parent/guardian permission form to apply and participate in the tour if selected.

Open to: Year 10 and Year 11 History students

Entry fee: Free

Prizes: Opportunity to travel on a prestigious two-week study tour to develop their knowledge and understanding of the history of Australians at war. 

Closing date: 28th March 2022

More information:

National History Challenge

The National History Challenge is an exciting contest that encourages students to use research and inquiry-based learning to discover more about the past. Students are the historians. They can investigate their community, explore their own and their family’s past and consider ideas throughout history. The NHC encourages the use of primary and secondary sources and offers a variety of presentation styles. It rewards students with generous cash prizes and travel opportunities.

The Brief: The theme for 2022 is “Causes and Consequences”. The theme is very important.  All entries must focus on it. Students can, with guidance, apply the theme to a variety of contexts within their particular state or territory’s curriculum.

Open to: Entrants may be students from Primary years to Year 12, 19 years of age or younger in Australian schools. 

Entry fee: Free

Closing date: 26th August 2022

More information:

ClubsNSW Premier’s WWII Memorial Tour

Six high school students across NSW will have the chance to visit historic WWII sites in Japan and Hawaii as part of the ClubsNSW Premier’s WWII Memorial Tour.

The Brief: To enter you will need to submit a 1000-word essay which answers the question ‘Are the lessons of WWII still relevant today?’ 

Open to: Year 11 students must be aged 16 or 17.

Closing date: Entries are open until 5pm on 13 June 2022. 

The group will depart Sydney on Thursday 21 July and return on Sunday 31 July. 

More information:

Please see/email Mrs Musico Rullo if you are interested. We have had previous St. Pat's girls win this in the past.

History Makers School Video Challenge


The National Museum of Australia is running a video competition where you can collaborate with your classmates to produce a video about a defining historical moment. Stage a play, perform a dance, film an artwork, make a documentary, produce an animation or surprise us with your creativity.

The Brief: 

Your video must be at least 30 seconds long and no longer than 4 minutes. It can be on any of the following topics:

Open to : All year groups

Entries Close: 4 November 2022
More information:

The Simpson Prize

The Simpson Prize is a national competition for Years 9 and 10 students that focuses on the service of Australians in World War I. The prize is normally a study trip related to Australian war history. The entry can either be an essay or audio-visual presentation.

2023 Simpson Prize Question

How significant was Australia’s contribution to the Allied military victory on the Western Front in 1918?

The Simpson Prize requires you to respond to the question above using both the Simpson Prize Australian War Memorial Source Selection (which can be found at and your own research.

You are encouraged to discuss and respond to the question from a variety of perspectives, both individual and national, using a variety of sources.

You are expected to make effective use of a minimum of four of the sources provided on the competition website. Up to half of your response should also make use of information drawn from your own knowledge and research.

Word and Time Limits for Entries

Essay word limit:1200-1500 words, not including supplementary information such as a contents page, references, bibliography and appendices.

Audio Visual Presentation word and time limit: No more than 10 minutes accompanied by a written explanation of up to 400 words.

Open to: Students in Year 9 and Year 10

Closing date:  Friday 4 November 2022, 5.30pm

Submission requirements: Please go to How to submit entries

More information:

Note: students who submit winning entries for this year’s Simpson Prize question will participate in Simpson Prize activities in 2023.



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