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Turnitin - Teachers' Guide

Setting up a Class: in five easy steps

Log in and set-up a class using the step by step guide below. 

  • After you've set up a class, you can add assignments.
  • The Actions tabs allows you to edit the assignment settings.
  • It's recommended that you make some adjustments to the OPTIONAL settings ( see page attached).

Interpreting Similiarity Reports

This set of 3 slides, created by Anne Gripton is useful for discussing Similarity Reports with students. 

Emailing students

This text is suggested for emailing students about their new Turnitin Class including Class ID and Enrolment Key.

Trouble Shooting | FAQs

Q. Student can't log in?

A. 1. Check for typos. Log ins are case-sensitive. Ask student to re-enter with care.

     2. Check the junk email folder for Turnitin's email with logging in details 

     3. Suggest using the Password Recovery function. This is excellent and immediate. 

Q. What do students see when I invite them to join a class?

A.  This Guide prepared by Turnitin shows the student experience of setting up an account. 

Q. I am a running an assessment task with 4 classes, is there a way I can separate these classes and manage this task? 

A. You can set up a Master Class. See Turnitin's instructions on Master Classes 

Q. How do I add students to my class. There are two ways to add students to your class. 

1. By Self Enrollment where you supply the Class ID number and Enrolment Key. Use the Turnitin instructions on how to do this.

2. By uploading student via an excel file. In this case an email to the student is automatically generated by Turnitin. Use the Turnitin instructions on how to do this.

Q. Can someone help me? I don't quite get it.

A. Please contact Karen Keighery via email or ext. 354.