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Book Week

Book Week: what is it?

In 1946 the Children's Book Council of Australia established annual book awards to promote children's books of high literary and artistic quality.  Winning women authors received a camellia and men received a handshake! 

Today, these awards are the most influential and highly respected in Australia bringing winning authors both fame and fortune. 

Books on Bibliographies

Create Bibliography with TWO of the Short-listed books:  
'One Photo'.

Use the library catalogue or the book to get the details you need to create a citation for each book. HINT. Remember the details needed are shown in the acronym NAPPY!

USe your DIARY pp. 120-121 OR the Online Reference Generator on your Portal to create a citation with the details in the right order, with punctuation in a single line.  

Write up your Bibliography in your work book.

Which one is listed first? Why? 


The Short Listed Information books

MECHANICA by Lance Balchin

Click on the above image to find out more about Mechanica by Lance Balchin.

Mechanica is a peek into the possible future, and the only things left are 

technological creatures we cannot control known as Mechanica. Although it is shaped 

like a picture book, it's a great pick for the inquisitive readers as Balchin tells a tale of a

Dystopian world devoid of wildlife through a field guide to all its new technological 

creatures, known as Mechanica.

Willoughby Library Book Week Celebrations

Lucky us ! Book Week celebrations have come early! We are booked in to explore books on the Short List with the Willoughby Library.


Monday 14th August  - Year 6 Blue at 12:00pm

Monday 14th August – Year 6 Green at 1:30pm

Friday 18th August   - Year 5 Blue at 9:55 am

Friday 18th August   - Year 5 Red  at 12:00pm

Monday 21st August  - Year 6 Red  at 9:50am  accompanied by Class Teacher

Monday 21st August   - Year 5 Gold at 11:00am accompanied by Class Teacher

Wednesday 23rd August  - Year 6 Gold at 1:30pm

Escape To Everywhere - CBCA Book Week 2017

CLICK ON THE BOOK COVER to discover more about the book.


From Ross Watkins, the illustrator of The Boy Who Grew Into a Tree, and Liz Anelli, comes this moving picture book about family, the failings of memory and the strength of love. Told in stunning prose, with poignant artwork, this book is a celebration of what we hold dearest.

Illustrator - Liz Anelli

Click on the Illustrator to discover more about HOW TO MAKE YOUR OWN MONO PRINTS!


The Short List

Celebrate Book Week 2017 with author: Jack Heath Tuesday Week 6, 22nd August.

Jack Heath is the pen name of an internationally bestselling author. He wrote The Cut Out, 500 Minutes Of Danger and eighteen other action-packed thrillers for young people. His books have been shortlisted for multiple awards, optioned for film and television, and published in several languages. They have sold more than 100,000 copies worldwide.

Jack started writing his first novel at age 13, when he wondered why books weren't as action-packed as the video games he liked. He submitted the novel to a publisher when he was 17, and it was published when he was 19.

In the course of his research Jack has trained with firearms, performed street magic, visited morgues and prisons, travelled through 11 countries and read only books by women for a year. He wrote a four-thousand word story in front of a live audience (subscribe to the newsletter to read it). He plays six musical instruments (including a home-made bucket drum) and has contributed art and music to various video games. Most recently he voiced polar bears, seals and arctic foxes in Rodeo Stampede, which has been downloaded more than 10 million times. When he’s not touring schools, libraries and festivals, he lives in Gungahlin with his two children, Deevit and Zog. He is the inventor of the invisible bookend and the 3-sided poster

Captain Jimmy Cook Discovers Third Grade by Kate and Jol Temple

Captain Jimmy Cook Discovers Third Grade by Kate and Jol Temple.

Jimmy likes to google on the mepad and his Gran makes cat videos to post on YouTooTube.

When his research leads him to discover that his name sake,Captain James Cook, was killed in Hawaii,

Jimmy is determined to go there. he plans to get Cook's expedition back on track, even if it means

eating breakfast cereal at every meal to win the Wheat Blocks competition.

Read pages: Day 5: first 3 or 4 pages, Day 9 (when Jimmy thinks he cures his baby sister of SCURVY)

Eve Pownall Award for Information


Story by Michael Sedunary and Artwork by Bern Emmerichs.