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Writing Inspiration

500 Writing prompts from  the New York time

Storytoolz   includes a Random Conflict Generator

6 Writing Templates

Includes Plot outline, structure and character development.

100 Ways to "Bad".

Common writing mistakes   Deals with choppy prose & gives advice on how to avoid it.
First Person vs Third Person  Some description to help you try and work out whether to use first or third person.
How to Write a Short Story  A step by step guide
How to write better: 7 tips  Some really GOOD tips on how to improve your work. Once you’ve written the first draft of your novel or short story, it’s time to go back and look for cluttered sentences and paragraphs.
Jerz's Literary Web Blog  Short Story Tips: 10 Ways to Improve your Creative Writing.
Seven steps to the Perfect story Great infographic that breaks down storytelling.
Short Story Structures  Several Ways Of Structuring Short Fiction
The Writers Digest  So many resources to help writers.
Maptia  share your stories and see others

Show don't tell

A Hero's Journey

Writers club

Join the Writers' Club, contact Ms Keighery for details. Logo designed by Declan Warne.

Writers' call to pens

The Zero Draft

A first draft can be bad, in fact, it will be bad. Don't worry about it. Plow on. Don't even think about it as a first draft. That's too much pressure, not to mention insulting to first drafts, think of it as your ZERO DRAFT.

- author Justine Larbalestier

cited in Bancks, T 2016 True Nature, Access, March, p. 7.