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The Write a Book in a Day website tells you everything you need to know and more!



What's it all about? Browse the website and check out last year's winners to see what a winning book looks like. You'll see there are National and State winners.

WABIAD: Fast Facts

When: Tuesday 3rd September: 7.45 am till the book is finished around 3pm - 5 pm, Term 3, Week 7

Where: Senior Library 

What is WABIAD?: A National 'teams' writing competition to write a book in day. The event support childens' cancer research

Teams: Teams from Years 8, 9 & 10 will compete! 10 people in a team

Years 8  & 9 are in the Middle Secondary School
Year 10 are in the Upper Secondary

Word Count: Both Divisions must observe a minimum 4000 to  maximum 5000 word count.

Objective: To write and illustrate a story

Rules & Parameters: On the day, you are given unique story parameters including:
Two human characters
One non-human character
A setting
An issue  ( the issue must drive the story )
5 random words

Participants should be familiar with the following documents:

  1. The WABIAD Manual covering all the rules and requirement is essential reading.
  2. Day planner
  3. Team Roles

Mick Elliot's writing tips

Nat Amore's Writing tips

Keep it simple: follow the short story genre formula

Except from Kenny, B.Housden, E. Kenny, M. (2007). What makes a short story. In (Ed.). A stack of stories. Wilson: Queensland: Farr.