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English Year 6: Migration

Journeys To Australia

Journey To Australia.......

Immigration is a vital feature of Australia's history and national identity. Since 1788, millions have made the long journey across the oceans to Australia seeking fortune, opportunity and freedom. many came seeking a new home. Some fled from the ravages of war, hunger, religious persecution or political repression. Others have been lured by a sense of adventure or by the prospect of a new beginning, owning land, making a fortune, or being reunited with loved ones. They came by clipper, steamer and liner until the aeroplane became established as the main means of long distance travel in the 1970s.

These journeys were accompanied by feelings of sadness, excitement, fear and hope. They felt fear when embarking on a dangerous journey or the excitement of setting out to seek a new and prosperous life, and the sadness of leaving family or friends. They ended at a number of ports around Australia, in particular Fremantle, Adelaide, Melbourne and Sydney.

Landing at an Australian Port has also been marked by a variety of emotions. For those who migrated by clipper in the 1800s, arrival often meant relief that a long journey had ended safely. Those migrating from continental Europe after World War II were often more concerned with how their new life would differ from the one they had left behind.

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The Contribution Immigrants have made to the Australian nation.

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