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12 Contestability of the Past

Year 12 Modern History

Year 12: Contestability of the Past

This guide is designed to help you find information to support this independent research task.  Library staff are here to help you, JUST ASK.

For example, you might need help finding information from a range authoritative sources which are not found on Google.

Email Mrs Keighery  She can help you progress this task.

Analyses & interprets different types of sources: Books

Search - St Pius X College catalogue

*** Book Chapters are available from the database JSTOR (look for JSTOR in eResources on the Senior Library portal page)

Search - Willoughby Library catalogue



Analyses & interprets different types of sources: Encyclopedias

For biographical information search the Britannica Online Encyclopedia.
Access from eResources on the Senior Library page on your Portal. 

Analyses & interprets different types of sources: Magazines and Academic Journals

 Journal literature is a key source of authoritative information. 


Search in:

Need help? See the "How to Search JSTOR" guide.



When your at home, you'll need to access these resources by logging into your Portal page and use the Senior Library tab. 

Search widely: resources from your public library and the State Library of NSW

Additional books and eResources (databases) are available. 

  • Willoughby Library. Join up here.
  • the State Library of NSW. You will need a library card to access them - apply here. 
    The file below lists recommended resources


Search beyond Google

Time management & planning: key to success

These university Assignment Calculators show how you can organise yourself to complete your assignment.

QUT's Assignment Calculator 

University of Minnesota's Research Paper Assignment Calculator  provides suggested time percentages for research report tasks. For example, 15% of your time should be spent understanding  your assignment and developing your research question.