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How can I acknowledge the use of Generative AI?

Acknowledging Generative Artificial Intelligence or AI

To acknowledge the use of AI you are required to make a declaration of use in your bibliography by following these two steps:

1. Firstly, include a source citation in your Bibliography in APA 7th Edition format:

Author/Owner of AI model. (Year). Name of AI model (Version) [Type or description of AI model]. URL

For example,
OpenAI. (2023). ChatGPT (Aug 24 version) [Large language model].

2. Secondly, include a declaration of use of AI after your Bibliography.

Your declaration or account of how you used generative artificial intelligence should follow this format:

  1. AI application and link
  2. Description of its specific use
  3. Statement of the prompt(s) used
  4. Explanation of how the output was used in your work

Please note the numbers are shown in the following examples for the purpose of showing the declarative format only; they would not appear in the declaration.

Example 1

I acknowledge the use of [1] ChatGPT ( to [2] generate materials for background research and self-study in the drafting of this assessment. I entered the following prompts on 4 January 2023:

[3] Write a 50-word summary of the work of Kenneth Slessor. Write it in academic style. Add references and quotations from Kenneth Slessor. [4] The output from the generative artificial intelligence was adapted and modified for the final response.

Example 2

I acknowledge the use of [1] ChatGPT ( [2] to refine the academic language and accuracy of my own work. On 10 January 2023 I submitted my entire essay (link to google document here) with the instruction to [3] “Improve the academic tone and accuracy of language, including grammatical structures, punctuation and vocabulary”. [4] The output was then modified further to better represent my own tone and style of writing.


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