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11 Ancient History: Historical Investigation

Task description

You are to undertake a historical investigation on an individual/period/event/site of your choice, in consultation with your teacher. This investigation will include:

Part A – 5 Marks: ‘3-Move Thesis’ PowerPoint Presentation

You will prepare a PowerPoint which demonstrates your research, thesis, and logical arguments for your chosen inquiry question. It will include 5 slides. You will present to the class in 3-4 minutes, but only the PowerPoint will be marked. See PowerPoint slide guide and marking criteria on page 3.

Part B – 25 Marks: 1500-word Essay Response

You will write a 1500-word essay, including a bibliography and annotations of TWO sources used.

This investigation may cover a historical event of a person, their legacy, their representation throughout history, contestability etc. It must respond to an inquiry question. You must also directly refer to historians and their opinions, some of which may have changed over time.

  • The essay must respond to an inquiry question you have developed on your chosen topic
  • You must use ONE of the historical lenses below through which to investigate your chosen topic (this lens should also be incorporated into your inquiry question).
  • APA referencing style must be used for a correctly formatted bibliography – refer to the school library website guide
  • Written annotations of 100-150 words using the Claim-Support-Question critical thinking routine must be included for TWO of your sources in your bibliography.

Submit your essay on Canvas through Turnitin.


AH11-6 Analyses and interprets different types of sources for evidence to support an historical account or argument

AH11-8 Plans and conducts historical investigations and presents reasoned conclusions, using relevant evidence from a range of sources

Secondary Sources: background information and recommended websites

Secondary Sources: Reference encyclopedia

Secondary sources: journal articles and ebooks & chapters

Secondary Sources: Academic journals or magazines 

Articles from periodicals, magazines or journals is referred to as 'Journal literature'. Journal articles provide valid, reliable and up-to-date information on your topic.

Use History Reference Centre to find academic journal articles. 


*You'll need to access these databases on the CANVAS Library page when you're at home

State Library of NSW

catalogue   |   online eResources

Find books and other published material in the State Library of NSW catalogue. This catalogue also includes ebooks.

New South Wales residents with a Library card or a registered NSW public library card can access these resources from anywhere, anytime. 


Search Google Scholar


  • Google Scholar is an immense database of scholarly literature
  • Search Google Scholar after you have refined your search and are looking for specific information.


Starting points for research

The investigation must not overlap with or duplicate significantly any topic to be attempted in the Year 12 Ancient History and History Extension courses. It must be approved by your teacher. See links below list

Some possible individuals:

Some Possible Events/Periods:

  • Battles
  • Invasions
  • Political developments
  • Fall of civilisations

Secondary Sources: Books

Search for books in our collection.

Use Cite this title (APA format) to copy your book to your Bibliography.


State Library of NSW


Resources at Willoughby Library

  • Use the catalogue to find books.

Primary Source material