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08 World Religions

08 World Religions

Understanding World Religions. What is Buddhism?

What is Buddhism? 2003. Clickview video. Duration: 24 mins. 

Take a detailed look at this religion, its history and how it is practiced in families, and through interviews with monks and nuns. 

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Collage of Buddhist imagery

Buddhist imagery

Places of Worship. Inside a Buddhist Temple

Inside a Buddhist temple. 2019. ClickView video. Duration: 7 min. 

Gain an understanding of the core beliefs of Buddhism and the importance of temples in worship and devotion. 

Library eResource - Britannica School

Library eBooks on Buddhism

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Discovering Sacred Texts. Buddhism

The British Library 2019. Discovering sacred texts: Buddhism. Online video, 2 October. Duration: 9 mins. 

Find out how different Buddhist traditions practices their faith through the concept of the Three Jewels: the Buddha; Buddhist teachings (Dharma); and Sangha, the religious communities that practice Dharma.