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09 Science: Concussion in Sport

Year 9 Science: Concussion in sport

This guide supports your assessment tasks' Outcomes to develop skills in applying the processes of Working Scientifically

  • 7WS    A student processes, analyses and evaluates data from first-hand investigations and secondary sources

  • 9WS    A student presents science ideas and evidence for a particular purpose and to a specific audience, using appropriate scientific language, conventions and representation 

This guide supports the criteria in the: 

  • Evaluation of information to ensure that it is reliable  

  • Fact finding about concussion from multiple sources of information

  • Creation of citations and a Bibliography using APA 7th edition style and the College's citation tool, Citeweb

  • The acknowledgement of Generative AI in the research process

Online Britannica Encyclopedia: trusted & reliable information

For definitions use Britannica encyclopedia

Use a wide variety of source NOT just WEBSITES

Use magazines, academic journals, books, images and audio to demonstrate "facts extensively outlined using evidence from own research"


**When you're at home, access Science Reference Centre using the Senior Library Canvas.

Search Google like a Professional Fact Finder

Use Google's Advanced Search form to make your search more specific.

If you know a reliable, authoriative website, you can search just within that site using the google command-  site:

For example, 

site: AND concussion

Similarly, if you know a peak professional organisations in your sporting area you can see what their advice is on concussion.

For example, 

site: AND concussion

Reliable information has an author and date created

Use your keywords to search within these websites for reliable information.

Science News for Students

ABC Science

BBC Science and Nature


Cosmos magazine

Science Daily

Resources at Willoughby Library