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9 Science: Body Coordination

What is Citemaker ?

St Pius X College | APA CiteMaker

  • CiteMaker is a citation and bibliography maker for formatting references in APA format. 
  • To make the most of this tool:
    1. Save your references into your own account.
    2. Download the Citemaker Chrome extension on your Chrome browser to capture websites to your Bibliography. 

Using Citemaker to generate a reference for your Bibliography

These two videos show you two ways you can use Citemaker to create a citation for your Bibliography:

  1. Using Citemaker   
  2. Using Citemaker's Citeweb Chrome Extension 


Click here to Download the Citeweb APA 6th edition Chrome extension to your Chrome browser  citemaker

What is Citemaker Citeweb?

Download the Chrome Extension:







Use Citeweb
to tag sources on the web.
to access & export your Bibliography