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9 Science: Concussion in Sport

What is Citemaker ?

CiteMaker is a citation and bibliography tool for formatting references in APA style. This is the College's preferred referencing style. 

  • To make the most of this tool:
    1. Download the Citemaker Chrome extension on your Chrome browser to capture websites to your Bibliography.
    2. Create an account using your St Pius X College credentials. You can save references into a list and export an alphabeticized list to your Biblography. Recommended for 10 or more references in your bibliography.

Using Citemaker to generate a reference for your Bibliography

These two videos show you two ways you can use Citemaker to create a citation for your Bibliography:

  1. Using Citemaker   
  2. Using Citemaker's Citeweb Chrome Extension 

Get the Chrome Extension:

on your browser bar