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9 Science: Concussion in Sport

Are your sources reliable or trustworthy

Eisen, A. (Producer). (2018). Research 101: Credibility is contextual - YouTube. [Video file]. University of Washington.

Author and Date are KEY to reliability

Look critically at information source:

  • Who is the author? (what Authority do they have? are they an expert? are they qualified to speak on the subject? open another tab and search for information on the author)
  • What is the purpose of the content? (Truth telling or Advertising?)
  • Where is the content from? (is their a publisher or editor)
  • Why does the source exist? (Purpose and Objectivity)
  • How does this source compare to others? (Determining What’s What)

The date the information is published is important for medical information as medicine is constantly informed by new research. Thus, a twenty year old article on concussion is 'out of date' and not reliable. 


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