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Research Skills: Start

What's a Bibliography?  

A bibliography is a list of all the sources ( also called ‘references’ or 'citations') you used to create a report. 

List your sources alphabetically by author or if no author by the title of the website. 

What does a Bibliography look like?  


  • Your Bibliography should have a heading, Bibliography.
  • List sources in alphabetical order by author OR if no author by the title of the website.
  • DO NOT bullet or number list your references.


Below, is an example of bibliography created using  the school's Citemaker for a research report on child labour .



Carpet Weaving, Rajastan, India. (2013). [Photograph]. Retrieved from 2a294a_b.jpg

D'Adamo, F. (2005). Iqbal. New York: Aladdin.

Encyclopædia Britannica. (2021). Bill of rights. Britannica School. Retrieved August 3, 2021, from

International Labour Organization. (2018). C138 at a glance [PDF]. International Labour Organization.

Reid, K. (2024). Child labor: Facts, FAQs, and how to help | World Vision. World Vision. Retrieved May 16, 2024 from

United Nations. (2017). Protect human rights. Retrieved from


Why should I use Citemaker?
It tells you what bits of information you need to record for each source type and punctuates it (full stops, commas, etc).
Citemaker ensures that your sources are formatted consistently in the College preferred style, APA 7th Edition. 



Helps you format in APA style over 50 different types of information sources.