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History Year 5: ANZAC Day

Remembrance Day

Useful Websites


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Useful Websites

Explore the RSL Virtual War Memorial 

Discovering ANZACs

Simpson and his Donkey by Mark Greenwood and Frane Lessac.

Lets explore the life and actions of John Simpson Kirkpatrick


National Archives of Australia

Private Simpson and his donkey at Gallipoli |

Lets Read the story "Simpson and his Donkey" written by Mark Greenwood and Illustrated by Frane Lessac.

"The Kirkpatrick Story"

Watch the  video of "The Kirkpatrick Story" and record all information on the worksheet attached.

Dreaming Soldiers By Catherine Bauer.

Books in our Library on ANZAC Day

Behind The News

Meet The ANZACS - By Claire Saxby - Book Trailer

The Beach They Called Gallipoli by Jackie French

ANZAC Centenary: Gallipoli

Fiction on ANZACS


Fiction on Anzacs

Fiction on War