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History Year 5: National Reconciliation Week

Remembrance Day

National Reconciliation Week 2020


National Reconciliation Week 2020


National Reconciliation Week runs annually from 27 May-3 June. These dates commemorate two significant milestones in the reconciliation journey- the successful 1967 referendum, and the High Court Mabo decision respectively. The 2020 NRW theme is:             





National Reconciliation Week is a time for all Australians to learn about our shared histories, cultures and achievements, and to explore how each of us can contribute to achieving reconciliation in Australia. (from NRW site)


Linda Burney reflects on 20 Years of Reconciliation and what still needs to be done.

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Danzal Baker - Baker Boy

Born in Darwin and raised in the remote NT communities Milingimbi and Maningrida, Danzal Baker, known professionally as Baker Boy, is an Australian rapper, dancer, artist, and actor. A dynamic performer, Baker Boy is best known for his original hip-hop songs incorporating both English and Yolŋgu Matha. In January, Danzal was named Young Australian of the Year 2019.

Click on Reconciliation News to read the interview with Baker Boy.

National Reconciliation Week 2020 - In This Together.

Australian of The Year 2020: Archie Roach, songwriter and Indigenous Campaigner

Archie Roach looks back on a remarkable life.

The 1967 Referendum

Indigenous Australian Land Rights - BTN

The Redfern Speech - Paul Keating 1993

Danzal Baker - Baker Boy


As the 2019 Young Australian of the Year, Danzal Baker/ Baker Boy, focuses his talents as a poet, rap artist, and role model to showcase his Indigenous culture for young Australians, and encourage them to embrace their culture and keep on track so they can become the next leaders.

“. . . My music shows two worlds coming together . . . everyone loves music, everyone listens to music . . . not just hip-hop. . . all different genres of music. When you listen to it, you just get that feeling . . . I rap in English and in Yolngu Maltha, my language . . . to show my side of the story . . . I want to inspire the next generation to keep pushing and keep trying . . . It's important that, no matter the struggles and the pressure society puts on you, stay strong, healthy and positive, you will get through. Every single one of us matters, our stories, our voices matter. With love and respect, we have the power to shape the future." 

Apology to Australia's Indigenous People's - Kevin Rudd 2008

My People Die Young in this Country - Stan Grant Speech 2015

Feature Books in our Library

Welcome To Country by Aunty Joy Murphy and Lisa Kennedy

Sorry Day by Coral Vass & Illustrated by Dub Leffler