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Reading: The Boy and The Spy by Felice Arena


The Boy and The Spy by Felice Arena



The Boy and The Spy by Felice Arena

Life has never been easy for Antonio, but since the war began there are German soldiers on every corner, fearsome gangsters and the fascist police everywhere, and no one ever has enough to eat. But when Antonio decides to trust a man who has literally fallen from the sky, he leaps into an adventure that will change his life and maybe even the future of Sicily…

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Do you love sport, action or superheroes in your stories? Then check out these popular adventures...

Andy Roid and the unexpected mission By Felice Arena

Fearless Frederic

An adventure set in Paris at the time of the Great Flood (1910). It tells the story of Frederic and 2 friends he meets at a shelter for families whose homes have been flooded. They set out and find themselves an adventure each day rescuing animals and stopping looters and pickpockets. Along the way they also have the chance to bring some true villains to justice. At the heart of this book is courage and friendship, following your heart and being true to yourself. It gives a whirlwind tour of some of the monuments and places in Paris as well as a few French phrases along the way. A page turner and comes highly recommended.

Specky Magee

Specky Magee is one of the most popular children's book series in Australia. 

The books chronicle the life and times of teenager Simon ‘Specky’ Magee, an Aussie Rules football champion in the making.

Felice Arena in The Writer's Studio

A Great Escape

A wonderful story  set during the time of the construction of the Berlin Wall. Heartwarming and full of hope, the book captures the wonderful child-like naivety and optimism of overcoming challenges through invention and imagination. .


Imagine your city has been divided by a wall and and your family is on the other side…

Peter stays with his grandparents when his parents and sister go on a trip across the border to the West. They wake to find the government is building a wall through their city. It is guarded by soldiers, tanks and fierce dogs so nobody can get through and people can no longer go to the West. Peter feels trapped and is scared he might never see parents and little sister, Margrit again. Finding a way past the wall will require courage and ingenuity. Peter and his friends Otto and Elke desperately want to escape, but whose daring plan will succeed…

A Great Escape is an exciting adventure story, but it is also a reminder of how strong the love of family can be, even when a wall tries to separate them. Peter’s story will tug at your heart.

United States Information Service, Department of State [Public domain], via Wikimedia Commons


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