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Reading: Creepy Thrillers


Creepy Thrillers

Are you looking for something a little scary to read next?  Look no further!  Below you will find some of the creepiest thrillers available in the St Pius X Junior School Library.  

Things That Go Bump In the Night by Patrick Carman

Dracula by Bram Stoker

Halloween Activities in the JRC

Halloween Room


Ghostworks by James Lee


Hocus Pocus Freeze Dance!

Halloween Writing Competition

Brick Dracula and Frankenstein

Eerie Books

Horror calls you! Yes YOU!

Dear Reader,

You hold, in your sweaty, human hand, one of a series of Eerie books all dripping with horror and awfulness. As your wander further into each terrible tale, fear will grip you, fright will freeze your brain and you will not want to turn the page.

But you must!  Because the horror will call irresistibly to you. It will say, 'Come, see how petrifying I am! Imagine the ghastliness of what is about to happen! Turn the page! Turn the page!'

And you will. For I, S. Carey, Curator of the Eerie Series, and my gruesome friends, Ivor Bloodlust from the Eastern European Gore Pits, Iza Gonagetyoo from the Fellowship of Monsters and Terry Fye, from Melbourne, have clawed the world for the most eerie stories we could find. Terry's sister Petra would have helped but she's not allowed out. Miss you, Petra.

So, enjoy yourself my frightened friend. May the hairs stand up on the back of your neck and ruin you collar. May your skin creep and crawl right off your bones. May your ... well, you get the idea.

Yours Sinscarily,

S. Carey