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Reading: Year 6


Making a Book Trailer


What was your favourite book for 2021?

Share your favourite book with other readers: create a book report. 

1. This Book Report includes key features of a story to help you describe your book to your audience.  
    Use the Book Report worksheet to outline and describe your book.  

2. You can create a more visually, engaging Book Report using Mrs Martin's Book Report Powerpoint template.

Download the pptx to graphically personalise your Book Report and include pictures to grab your reader's attention and support your text.

3. Check your Report according to the Marking Criteria below and SUBMIT your Report to the Dropbox


Copyright Free Images

Using images - still or video without permission is against Copyright Law. It denies the creator the right to be acknowledged or earn a living from their creative works. 
Ask permission if you are borrowing images or use copyright free 

ACMI Free Media Library  - an Australian library with a choice of still images, video and sounds arranged in a number of categories (including moods) 

Animal photos - large collection of animal photos, many of birds                                      

Clkr - crowd-sourced clipart, can make and share designs online

Creativity103 - abstract backgrounds, textures and design ideas

Flickr - photographs of various subjects which you can filter by Creative Commons licenses

Getty Images: Embed - enormous collection of news related photographs, free to embed

The Getty: Open Content Program - thousands of works of art from The Getty Museum

Gratisography - random, artistic photographs

HubbleSite - explore the universe with images from Hubble's eye

The Metropolitan Museum of Art - a vast archive of 400,000 images from this New York museum

NASA  - NASA image galleries

PhotoEverywhere - geography, cities, landmarks

Pixabay - a vast library of public domain images

RIJKS Museum -  images of public domain artwork from this museum in Amsterdam

Visible Earth - earth photographs from outer space


How to make a Book Trailer?

Tristan Banck's has some great advice on making a book trailer. 

Tristan says "I always recommend writing a script for a trailer. It can be rough at first. Take 10 to 15 minutes to freewrite your ideas on the book and how it might be brought to life with video. Try to write non-stop for the entire time in order to tap your unconscious ideas about the book. Leave the freewrite alone for an hour or a day and, when you read it back later, write a rough first draft script. Again, take some time away and come back to it, shaping it into a screenplay that makes sense. Then give it a fourth pass, polishing and starting to think about what needs to be gathered for the creation of the trailer." 

Try this or free writing technique and use the template below to finalise your ideas using the Book Trailer Storyboard template below to draft what you trailer will look like before creating in Movie Maker.

Drop Box I Drive info.

For al the information you need to know, see the guide attached

Create an Academy Award Winning Book Trailer @ St Pius X Movie Festival.

Academy Award Movie Festival 

At St Pius X Junior School 2021


Create an Academy Award 

Winning Book Trailer

Entries Close: 


The book trailer must:        

  • be based on any book that you have read and enjoyed
  • contain the title and author of the book and an image of the book cover

  • contain music or sound effects

  • contain a mixture of text and images

  • be between 1-1.30 minutes in length
  • adhere to copyright laws.

The Winning entry will…

  • Be an exciting presentation  engaging the viewer from first second.

  • Be well presented – Pacing fits the storyline and builds mood. Presentation is succinct. Transitions are smooth and a logical sequence is presented
  • Contain a hook used to build interest and grab the attention of the audience.
  • Be true to book – Provides enough information about the book to persuade people to read it without giving away the ending. 
  • Contain images that create a mood that suits the book, or specific parts of the book.
  • Contain music that suits storyline and creates mood. 
  • Technical Expertise – Proficient and creative use of chosen technology.
  • Originality
  • Bonus points will be awarded to students who film or create their own footage
  • Be well presented – Pacing fits the storyline and builds mood. Presentation is succinct. Transitions are smooth and a logical sequence is presented.

Video Editor

Free Music and Sound

Using music without permission is against Copyright Law. It denies the creator the right to be acknowledged or earn a living from their creative works.
Ask permission if you are borrowing music or use copyright free music. 

Musopen - royalty free music

PublicDomain4U - great historical music recordings free to play and share legally

YouTube Audio Library - music you can download to use in projects online and offline

Flashkit - offers more than 7,000 royalty-free music loops 

Free-Loops - offers more than 7,000 musicians' loops, including many drum beats and various instruments

Sound Jay - free sound


CBCA NSW - Collide Book Trailers 2021






Produce a book trailer that features a book from the 2020 CBCA Notables list or an Australian title on the 2020 NSW Premiers Reading Challenge List.


When producing your book trailer remember that a book trailer is like a movie trailer, but for a book. You want to show others why they should read this book.


  • Open to students in Years 3-9 living in NSW 

  • There will be three categories:  Year 3-4; Years 5-6; Years 7-9;


Important Details:

  • Book Trailer Length: Maximum of 1 minute.

  • Filmed in Landscape mode (not portrait mode)

  • File size must not exceed 200 MB

  • Please read the terms and conditions carefully


Key Dates

  • Trailers can be submitted until August 16, 2020

  • Online exhibition commence on September 1, 2020

  • Winner in each category will be announced and the Book Trailer shown at our 2020 Kids Book of the Year event on October 16, 2020

  • A Kids' Choice Award in each category will be announced and the Book Trailer shown at our 2020 Kids Book of the Year event on October 16, 2020


Exhibition and selection

  • A curated selection of  Book Trailers will be exhibited here.

  • The Shortlist will be judged by authors Tristan Bancks, Nathan Luff and Deb Abela.

  • HAVE YOUR SAY: There will be an opportunity for you to vote in the Kids' Choice Award


Complete the online form and make sure you read and understand the terms and conditions. Ensure a parent or guardian has given permission to enter and appear in the trailer.





Depending on your ideas, there are many different of ways to make a book trailer. Lots of free or inexpensive resources are available to help you create a great trailer.


Before you spring into action make sure you take a look at the amazing trailers and expert advice from our Collide judges: Tristan BancksNathan Luff and Deborah Abela.


First you will need to create a storyboard to plan out your sequences of images, photos, video clips, music, text, titles and credits. Download the storyboard template here.


Your next step is to collect or create all your project assets (pictures, videos, music etc) and save them in folders ready to create your book trailer. There are websites that have free sounds and images for you to use. For example search Freesound for sound effects to add to your trailer. Or try Pexels for free video clips and pictures. Search around and you will find plenty more available.


Make sure you acknowledge your sources in your credits and always seek permission if you’re not sure that it’s free to use.


How you create your trailer will depend on what technology you have available.


Here are some video-making and editing resources to get you started. Many have templates and detailed instructions that will make it easy to get your creative style just right.


Mac computers, iPads & iPhones come pre-loaded with iMovie software. If you are using an Apple device see the basics of how to put together a book trailer using iMovie at Create a Trailer Project. Create an original soundtrack & add sound effects using Apple’s Garageband.

If you are using Android, you could try Viva Video or Video Show.

If you’re a Windows (PC) user, you can download Photo Story or Movie Maker from Microsoft. Here is a Youtube instructional on How to Use Windows 10 FREE Video Editor

Hitfilm Express is a great free video editor, as its high-energy style appeals to budding filmmakers who want to put a special touch on a project. Download it here.

VideoPad is good video editing software for beginners on PC /Mac. See it here.

Animotica - Video Editor & Movie Maker is an easy to use Video Editor, Movie Maker and Slideshow Video Maker for Windows 10. The application is free but has some restrictions on the video content and presentation.

Animoto is a video creation app you can use for free (trial period) The Lite version of Animoto enables you to create 30-second animated trailers. See How to Make a Book Trailer in Minutes

Powtoon is a basic animation tool that is free and easy to use. See Powtoon: Make Your Own Animation


If you have PowerPoint (PC) or Keynote (Apple) you can add soundtracks, slide animations and slide transitions to presentations, and then export to video.


You can also create your book trailer using Canva and then finish it off in iMovie. Here’s how.


If you’re using a video template be sure to customise it so that it isn’t obvious that you’ve used one. Insert your own music and experiment with different fonts and special effects to capture the attention of your viewer. Tease your audience and remember not to give away the ending.


Most of all HAVE FUN. We can’t wait to see your fantastic book trailer!