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Research Skills: Start

Four libraries you should know

1. Your local library
Our school's local library, Willoughby Library is conveniently located, enter via our side gate! As a SPX student you can become a member of the library.  You can visit the library and enjoy its spaces and print collections OR  access its Digital Library from home.  Apply online here. Your library membership also provides access to the State Library of NSW eResources. 

2. The State Library of NSW
This is the premier library in the our State. Visit the library or access its e-collections from home .

You will need a library card to access a huge range of eResources and databases - apply here.

3. The National Library of Australia
Trove is it's online catalogue. Search its vast collection including historic newspapers, photos, letters, diaries and more.
You can access eResources to unleash your search an enormous academic database suite as a GUEST, with membership providing access to more resources. Apply here.

4. Macquarie University Library
HSC Extension History & Big History Students can access Macquarie University library resources. Details on how here.

Four reasons to access other libraries

  1.  I can't find the information I need for my research task.  
    While our school library supports your school studies, some projects may require you to look for information in bigger or more specialised collections. 

  2.  I need to find information on the weekend.
    Your local library has large collection of print and digital resources at your disposal with a library card. It's free and open on evenings and the weekend. It's close to home.

  3. I need help.
    Library's are staffed by librarians who are information experts and can help with your particular enquiry.

  4.  I want to demonstrate my academic scholarship, that I've looked widely and have recent and relevant resources to support my assignment thesis.
    Extending your literature search beyond your school's resources maybe required in Year 11 & 12 in-depth studies. This extra effort will be reflected in the work you produce.