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Research Skills: Start


There's more to research than simply googling. 

  • A planned and methodical approach ensures your research is thorough and that your product is factually accurate. The State of Victoria's Research Skills site shows comprehensively what's involved.
  • Evaluating sources is critical to ensure that the information you present is credible; a number of resources on the Evaluating Sources page show how to select reliable, authoritative information. 
  • What is Dewey? How can I find books on my topic?
  • Am I getting the best results from Google?

State Library of Victoria's Research Skills

Are you getting the truth? the whole truth and nothing but the truth? Beware of filter bubbles.

What's a database?

Research Steps

HOW FACTUAL | Non-fiction stuff is organised: the Dewey | 'Dui' Decimal System

DEWEY!! a very cool system of organising factual | non fiction stuff

Why can't I just google?